The beginnings

Inda shpk was established in February 2000 and has been operating in the Albanian market for over 18 years in the sector of agriculture, gardening, industry and construction, equipment and machinery of various kinds and quality. The company offers wholesale throughout the country as well as Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro, thus meeting the needs of the regional market with high technology machinery of well-known German, Italian, Japanese companies.

Thanks to many years of experience, Inda Ltd trades and produces various products such as:

Agriculture Sector:
Water Pumps, Tillers, Motocultivators, Pruning Shears, Olive Swing, Spray Pump, Corn Blend, Milk Machines,Earth Auger, Accessories, Parts, etc.

Horticulture Sector:
Mower, Brush Cutter, Hedge Shears, Spray Pump, Water Hose etc.

Sector of Industries:
Air Compressors, Presure Pumps,Vacum Cleaner, Hoist, Hand Pallet, Generators,Gasoline & Diesel Motors, Electric Motors, Accessories, Parts and etc.

Construction Sector:
Gasoline and Electric Concrete Vibrator, Concrete Hose, Concrete Mast, Tumble & Tile, Concrete Helicopter, Asphalt Cutter, Hoist, Accessories, Parts etc.

Production Line:
Concrete Scaffolding,Screw, Tie Rods, Base, Concrete Distancing,etc.

Cooperation with international companies like;
INDA, LONCIN, PUMPMAN, NEWCO, SAER, BARBIERI, LOWE, LISAM, HAWK, ELSEA, BIEFFE, SOGA, SINCRO, RAVEL, SIRTE, ECE, ROBIN, LOMBARDIN, ANTOR, MANIVER, CECCATO, IDROEASY, PLEXISTAB, MASTERPAC, EXEN etc. , has given the Inda shpk prestige and credibility in the regional market. One of the features that characterizes the company is the qualified staff who is specifically trained to guide customers to the most efficient use of machinery as well as service to them even after sales.


 Certifikata RINA 2013                                 Certifikata IQNet 2013